Finally, a security awareness training program your employees will love. 

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Fun and Relatable Training

Are you searching for a security awareness program that will change the way your employees think about cyber security? Tired of boring annual check the box training? Our short relatable security stories are your answer.

Build Your Security Culture

The Curricula security awareness program gives you all the tools you need to build an effective security culture with your employees. Security awareness posters, a library of fun and relatable episodes, downloads, and even an integrated phishing simulator are all included.

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Insightful Reports

Discover insights about your employees behaviors from training, phishing simulation tests, and more.



Customize your security awareness training with policies, procedures, and other relevant information.

University of Iowa

InfoSec Manager

Large Utility

"It was easy to get everyone on board with Defend Against DeeDee in Curricula's phishing simulator. Now our employees are excited about dodging phishing emails.

Director, HR

Software Startup

"I remember going through boring PowerPoint training in my other corporate jobs. Curricula's stories made security easy to understand. I love the DeeDee character!"

Security awareness doesn't have to be boring.

Lets change the security culture in your organization, together.